Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Bully-Walk and Halloween

   This was the second year we participated in the coast-to-coast Bully Walk.  It's in support of Pitbulls and brings pitbull awareness- they are fantastic dogs and only get a bad rap for the terrible way they are treated and raised.  This year was sad for me because last year we had Brandon with us.  They had a tribute tree for all the bulls they knew passed away the year before.  Brandon was right there with his red rose and doggie biscuit (It's almost enough to make me tear up all over again).  I miss my Brandon so much.  Odie is an AMAZING dog, but I always felt like Brandon could see right into my soul and know exactly how I was feeling.

The lady we got Brandon from and also helped us to get Odie (who is part of the PittieLove Rescue Org.) also lost one of her Pits in the last year kind of suddenly and unexpectedly.  Here's Bronx's tribute:

And of course, here's Odie in his Martha Stewart sweater.  Kerri assures me that dogs love it and think it's fun when you dress them up.  (And she's the dog-lady so she should know!)

And Eliot being a Firefighter for the second year in
a row.  I felt kind of like a bad mother, not getting
her child a different costume this year, but he said he
really wanted to be a firefighter.  That was $50 saved!
He had a blast as he has every Halloween since he
was one month old!

And my garden didn't do much last year, but produce a few cucumbers and one lonely (but beautiful sunflower)

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